Cryptics Sources
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de Cuevas Puzzlecrypt Archive All available puzzles by John de Cuevas
National Puzzlers' League Cryptic Crosswords Book containing 45 variety cryptic puzzles from the NPL
Stephen Sondheim Archive of all Sondheim puzzles in New York Magazine, 1968-9
Richard Maltby Archive of all Maltby puzzles in New York Magazine, 1968-74
Susannah SearsCryptics in the Ottawa Citizen
Kevin Wald cryptics Miscellaneous cryptics
Kevin Wald for NPL Cons Cryptics created for National Puzzlers League conventions
Dave Shukan Cryptics
Kegler block-style crypticsCryptics by Ron Sweet
Kegler barred-grid Cryptics by Ron Sweet
Peter Green Cryptics
NYT Cru Cryptics Written by members of an old NY Times cryptics forum
Hex cryptics Variety cryptic puzzles by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon (Atlantic + WSJ)
Harper'sVariety cryptics by Maltby and others (paywalled)
The Nation Puzzles by Frank W Lewis, and Joshua Kosman and Henri Picciotto
Out of Left Field Patreon by Joshua Kosman and Henri Picciotto, after the Nation series was discontinued ($4/mo)
New Yorker Cryptic Crosswords (2020's and 1990's)
Theresa Cunningham Cryptics
Andrew Marc Greene Cryptics
Mark Halpin Cryptics
Henri Picciotto and Rebecca Kornbluh Cryptics
The Puzzler (and other cryptic crosswords)Facebook page. Also see the Featured and Files tabs.
The BrowserWeekly cryptics (subscription)
The RackenfrackerFree cryptics and subscription
National Post cryptics blogBy Falcon; includes Hex conventional 15s
Michael F. Gill's puzzle linksCryptic Crosswords, Variety Word Puzzles, and Logic Puzzles
ContingenciesVariety Cryptics by Tom Toce for Contingencies Magazine
Caroline's CrypticsCaroline Andrews. Puzzles originally published in the Toronto Star. For purchase.
G&M daily cryptic Fraser Simpson in the Globe and Mail (current only)