Variety Cryptics in Contingencies Magazine
Tom Toce and others

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This page lists variety cryptic puzzles in Contingencies Magazine back to 2008, when they started.
The links display a PDF of the puzzle, extracted from the magazine, and usually also the solution to the previous puzzle.
SPOILER ALERT: When the puzzle is shown on two pages, then the second page generally will include the solution to the previous issue's puzzle.
The puzzles are listed with the most recent puzzle on the top, so the solution is "above" the puzzle.
If the puzzle PDF has only one page, it won't have the previous solution. But if there's a "prev sol" link, click and scroll down to the bottom of the HTML page.

Longer Lines at the Movies   (prev sol)January/February 2024
Nine Five-by-Fives (prev sol)November/December 2023
The Unreliable Narrator   (prev sol) September/October 2023
Back TreatmentJuly/August 2023
The Crypto CrypticMay/June 2023
Out of PlayMarch/April 2023
'tis the damn season   (prev sol)January/February 2023
DeclassificationNovember/December 2022
Bored GamesSeptember/October 2022
How Can You Myth?July/August 2022
Hop, Skip, and a JumpMay/June 2022
Not Just Any Old Word'll Do   (prev sol)March/April 2022
Do the Math   (prev sol)January/February 2022
Orientation Day   (prev sol)November/December 2021
May Yours Be TrueSeptember/October 2021
TriskaidekaphobiaJuly/August 2021
Eight Is Enough   (prev sol (wrong title))May/June 2021
Deepening DesuetudeMarch/April 2021
PhraseologyJanuary/February 2021
And the Winner Is...   (prev sol)November/December 2020
Cryptic CornersSeptember/October 2020
Triply CrypticJuly/August 2020
Taking Inventory   (prev sol)May/June 2020
OK BoomerMarch/April 2020
Sometimes You Don't Have a Clue  January/February 2020
Mapping Your WayNovember/December 2019
Crypto AcrosticSeptember/October 2019
Six and OneJuly/August 2019
Five and TwoMay/June 2019
Rolling A SevenMarch/April 2019 /td>
Apt CombinationsJanuary/February 2019
Fewer Cryptic SquaresNovember/December 2018
Cryptic SquaresSeptember/October 2018
Death Be Not ProudJuly/August 2018
Six Outstanding AnagramsMay/June 2018
Tax ReformMarch/April 2018
Some Assembly RequiredJanuary/February 2018
The Puzzle Where Everything Goes WrongNovember/December 2017
Precision Marching BandsSeptember/October 2017
12534 or 15234July/August 2017
SnowflakesMay/June 2017
Actuarial TransformationsMarch/April 2017
BinocularsJanuary/February 2017
Compound FracturesNovember/December 2016
Queen's GambitSeptember/October 2016
Are You SiriusJuly/August 2016
DartsMay/June 2016
PenthouseMarch/April 2016
PatchworkJanuary/February 2016
Deep SixNovember/December 2015
Web DesignsSeptember/October 2015
Three-WheelerJuly/August 2015
Der German LessonMay/June 2015
Two-WheelerMarch/April 2015
Pass the TrashJanuary/February 2015
Octahedron November/December 2014
Bobby D and Me September/October 2014
Double Trouble July/August 2014
Silver Screen May/June 2014
Cryptic Acrostic 2.0 March/April 2014
Marching Bands January/February 2014
No Bells No Whistles November/December 2013
Hurricanes September/October 2013
Cryptic Acrostic July/August 2013
Switcheroo May/June 2013
Tetrahedron March/April 2013
South of the Equator January/February 2013
Widdershins November/December 2012
Spiral Galaxy September/October 2012
Dodecahedron July/August 2012
Transactions May/June 2012
Pyramid Scheme March/April 2012
Seeds January/February 2012
There Once Was a Man From Nantucket November/December 2011
Strange-looking Concoctions September/October 2011
Operas and Presidents   (prev sol) July/August 2011
Some People May/June 2011
Cubism March/April 2011
Ars Poetica January/February 2011
Squares November/December 2010
Idolaters September/October 2010
Spider's Web July/August 2010
Party Time May/June 2010
Snowflake March/April 2010
Golf January/February 2010
Hexagons November/December 2009
I Never Do Anything Twice... September/October 2009
If You're So Smart July/August 2009
Agonister May/June 2009
Triangles March/April 2009
Busy Season January/February 2009
Redundancies and Deficiencies November/December 2008
What It Means to Be an Actuary  (solution) July/August 2008