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Complete list of Hex Puzzlers (with references to books in which they were republished)
Compiled by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon

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1997 - 2009
If you're looking for an online version of a puzzle by a given name,
this table notes the titles that have been re-used _as Puzzlers_
(Reused titles in WSJ puzzles not indicated here)

May 1997: Slide Show (same name Aug 1986)
Jun 1997: Fortune Cookies
Jul 1997: Celebrating the Fourth
Aug 1997: Scoreboard
Sep 1997: Double-Crossers
Oct 1997: Haunted House (same name Oct 1993)
Nov 1997: Chessboard
Dec 1997: Cryptacrostic

Jan 1998: Celebrating the First
Feb 1998: Step by Step
Mar 1998: Marching Orders
Apr 1998: Three-Ring Circus
May 1998: Picnic
Jun 1998: Guidelines
Jul 1998: Nine-Hole Course
Aug 1998: In Common
Sep 1998: Service with a Smile
Oct 1998: Rite of Passage
Nov 1998: Back in the Labyrinth
Dec 1998: Criss-Crossing

Jan 1999: Cross-Training
Feb 1999: Central Square
Mar 1999: Hide and Seek
Apr 1999: Mystery Box
May 1999: Lawbreakers
Jun 1999: The Puzzler (mismatches)
Jul 1999: Family Reunion
Aug 1999: At the Movies
Sep 1999: Shakedown (same name Jun 1994)
Oct 1999: Cycles
Nov 1999: Downsizing
Dec 1999: Windup

Jan 2000: A River Runs Through It
Feb 2000: Your Turn
Mar 2000: Bright Prospects
Apr 2000: Message in a Bottle
May 2000: Cutting the Cards (same name May 1992)
Jun 2000: Cryptic Tennis
Jul 2000: Triangle
Aug 2000: Partners
Sep 2000: Highlights
Oct 2000: Whodunit
Nov 2000: Puzzle Quote
Dec 2000: Wraparound (same name Dec 2008)

Jan 2001: Resolution
Feb 2001: Sweet Sixteen
Mar 2001: March Theme
Apr 2001: Mystery Word
May 2001: Craftwork
Jun 2001: Private Boxes
Jul 2001: Faces
Sep 2001: Half and Half
Oct 2001: Rock Climbing
Nov 2001: Full Course
Dec 2001: Presents

Jan 2002: Book Reviews
Feb 2002: Common Bond
Mar 2002: Working Overtime
Apr 2002: Loops
May 2002: Compact Disc (Same name Mar 1991)
Jun 2002: Layers
Jul 2002: Lost in the Funhouse
Sep 2002: Sign of the Times
Oct 2002: Wisecracks
Nov 2002: Gridiron
Dec 2002: CrystalBall

Jan 2003: Target Practice (same name Jul 96, Apr 84)
Mar 2003: Games
Apr 2003: Circular Logic
May 2003: Treasure Island
Jun 2003: Standouts
Jul 2003: Word Magic
Sep 2003: Spoonerfest
Oct 2003: Mystery Theater (same name Jun 1990)
Nov 2003: Floor Plan
Dec 2003: Gift Array

Jan 2004: Eights (same name Nov 83)
Mar 2004: Radio Daze
Apr 2004: Help Wanted
May 2004: Magic Rings
Jun 2004: Graphic Arts
Jul 2004: Room With a View
Sep 2004: (Wayback link) Chain Links
Oct 2004: (Wayback link) Cryptic Journey
Nov 2004: (Wayback link) Leapfrog
Dec 2004: (Wayback link) Cryptic Buffet

Jan 2005: (Wayback link) What's What
March 2005: (Wayback link) Cloverleaf
April 2005: (Wayback link) Running the Gamut
May 2005: (Wayback link) Sightseeing
June 2005: (Wayback link) Central Intelligence
July/Aug 2005: (Wayback link) Code Pairs (Same name Jun 92, Apr 87)
Sept 2005: (Wayback link) Lost and Found
Oct 2005: (Wayback link) Alien Invasion
Nov 2005: (Wayback link) Our Cryptic Hobby
Dec 2005: (Wayback link) Cryptic Recipe

Jan/Feb 2006: (Wayback link) Mysterious Island

The following Puzzlers were released on the Atlantic's website but did not appear in the magazine:

Mar 2006: Twofers
Apr 2006: Box Set
May 2006: Peace of the Puzzle
Jun 2006: What's My Line?
Jul 2006: Dinner With the Crypps
Sep 2006: Hex Sign
Oct 2006: Box Scores
Nov 2006: Connect the Dots (same name May 93, Nov 87)
Dec 2006: Minding Your P's and Q's

Jan 2007: Obstacle Course
Mar 2007: Three Trains Running
Apr 2007: Cryptax Collection
May 2007: Flower Show
Jun 2007: The Bottom Line
Jul 2007: Fishbowl
Sep 2007: A Hard Act to Follow
Oct 2007: Jigsaw (same name Jun 95, Sep 89)
Nov 2007: Web Service
Dec 2007: Getting Into the Spirit

Jan 2008: Togetherness
Mar 2008: Crossers
Apr 2008: Self-Explanatory
May 2008: Cryptic Crossword
Jun 2008: Def Jam
Jul 2008: Pool Puzzle
Sep 2008: Zip Code (same name Mar 95, Oct 90)
Oct 2008: Tools of the Trade
Nov 2008: Obedience School
Dec 2008: Wraparound (Same name Dec 2000)

Jan 2009: Categories
Mar 2009: Double or Nothing
Apr 2009: Trash Collection
May 2009: Last Resort
Jun 2009: Splitsville
Jul 2009: Home Game
Sep 2009: Magic Show
Oct 2009: Sections

Links to Puzzlers online from The Atlantic Cryptic Crosswords (2009))
Google Books preview
Oct 1984Trick or Treat1
Nov 1984Party of Eight2
Dec 1984Mountain Climbing3
Jan 1985Laddergram4
Feb 1985Compound Words5
March 1985Guided Tour6
April 1985Sixes and Sevens7

Puzzles published in The Atlantic Monthly Cryptic Crosswords (2003)
Amazon look inside the book (click the cover image)
Jan 1996 Starting Block1
Feb 1988 All Heart2

Local scans for Puzzlers published in 1983
Date: Name
Jan 1983: Bar-Hopping
Feb 1983: From the Heart
Mar 1983: Noah's Ark
Apr 1983: Bookshelves
May 1983: Cryptic Ping-Pong
Jun 1983: Waste Recycling
Jul 1983: Quadrants
Aug 1983: Asteroids
Sep 1983: Absolutely!
Oct 1983: Diary of a Madman
Nov 1983: Eights
Dec 1983: Medley

Thanks to Hex, Barry Haldiman, and Steve Levy for data and compilations etc.
included in the above.