Dan's Google Photos Albums
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Break the Fast with the Steindems 57842023-Sep-25
Angels-Mets 27Aug2023 27aug20232023-Aug-27
Raquette Lake 2023 3July20232023-Jul-03
Jersey City Ward Tour 4June20232023-Jun-04
Rays at Mets 18May20232023-May-18
Christmas windows and Manhattan walk 20222022-Dec-15
Northern Maryland Blue Crabs @ SI FerryHawks2022-Sep-07
Governors Island2022-Sep-01
Long Island Ducks @ Staten Island FerryHawks2022-Aug-03
Greensboro Grasshoppers @ Brooklyn Cyclones2022-July-13
Raquette Lake2022-July-04
Miami Marlins at Mets2022-June-20
Washington Nationals at Mets2022-June-1
High Point Rockers at Staten Island Ferryhawks2022-May-30
Passover @ Steindams, 20222022-Apr-16
Jake at 82022-Mar-27
Post Lunar Eclipse 2021-Nov-19
Sundays at JASA shoot 2021-Nov-10
Sammy's first bday and naming ceremony 2021-Oct-23
Moonset 19oct2021 2021-Oct-19
Marlins at Mets 2021-Aug-31
Little Island 2021-Aug-18
Governors Island 16Aug202 2021-Aug-16
Nats at Mets 2021-Aug-12
Janet's birthday belatedly celebrated at Hudson Yards 2021-Aug-2
Braves at Mets 2021-Jul-29
Ferry to Rockaway 2021-Jul-27
Raquette Lake 2021 2021-Jul-4
Carolyn&Ameer 2021-Jun-13
Little Island 2021-May-25
Mother's Day 2021 2021-May-9
Sunset 2021-Apr-15
Christmas windows 2020 2020-Dec-24
Smokestacks 2020-Oct-31
Morris Canal 2020-Sep-26
Beth&Mike wedding 2020-Aug-28
Caven Point Beach Walk 2020-Aug-12
Hamilton-Burr Duel monument 2020-Jul-15
SUNYA 1973 1973-Jan-1
(Late) Hanukkah 2020-Jan-26
Sunsets 2019-Nov-1
Christmas Windows 2019 2019-Dec-24
After the party in Cleveland 2019 2019-Dec-1
OSU-Michigan with the Bulloffs 2019 2019-Nov-30
Break the Fast with the Epsteins 2019-Oct-9
Dodgers-Mets 2019-Sep-15
Noah's first birthday 2019-Sep-7
Mexico CBOCG 2008 2008-Oct-21
Flyover 2019-Aug-22
West Virginia Black Bears @ Brooklyn Cyclones 2019-Jul-15
Connecticut Tigers @ SI Yankees 2019-Jul-9
Raquette Lake 2019 2019-Jul-4
Giants at Mets 2019-Sep-6
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway: Liberty National, 2019-Jun-2
Passover (belated) 2019-May-24
Nats @ Mets 2019-May-23
Hudson Yards 2019-May-29
Janet's birthday at One World Observatory 2019-May-7
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2009-May-24
Christmas windows 2018 with Elaine and Phil 2019-Dec-24
Hanukkah 2018 2018-Dec-15
UM-OSU with the Bulloffs 2018 2018-Nov-26
Noah Asher Epstein bris 2018-Oct-14
Rockaway Beach 2018-Oct-5
Rockaway Beach 2018-Aug-26
Nationals-Mets 2018-Aug-26
Giants-Mets 2018-Aug-23
Cutters-Cyclones: Coney Island 2018-Jul-16
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, Exchange Place 2018-Jul-8
Raquette Lake 2018 2018-Jul-1
Orioles at Mets 2018-Jun-6
Indie 500 2018 2018-Jun-2
Governors Island 2018-May-2
Braves at Mets 2018-May-3
Passover 2018 with Phylise and Joel 2018-May-31
Blue moon supermoon lunar eclipse 2018-Jan-31
Holiday windows in Manhattan 2017-Dec-24
OSU-UM with the Bulloffs 2017 2017-Nov-25
Brooklyn Holiday 2017-Nov-9
New York Holiday 2017-Nov-6
Wedding of Jenny and Zach 2017-Nov-4
Family at the Garden at the Nassau County Museum of Art 2017-Nov-4
Bryant Park Crossword Tournament 2017-Sep-9
High Line (and a couple from Google 2017-Aug-8
Governors Island 2017-Aug-28
D-Backs - Mets 2017-Aug-24
Eclipse, Hoboken, 21 Aug 2017 2017-Aug-21
Lollapuzzoola X, 2017 2017-Aug-19
Taj Mo Central Park 2017-Aug-13
Williamsport Crosscutters at SI Yankees 2017-Aug-10
Dodgers-Mets 2017-Aug-5
Cards-Mets 2017-Aug-20
Raquette Lake 2017-Jul-1
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway-Weehawken 2017-Jun-4
Brewers-Mets 2017-Jun-1
Giants-Mets 2017-May-10
Pictures 2017-Jan-22
2nd Ave SubwayOpening Day 2017-Jan-1
Christmas Windows 2016 2016-Dec-20
Hanukkah 2016 2016-Dec-17
UM-OSU with the Bulloffs 2016 2016-Nov-25
Thanksgiving 2016 2016-Nov-24
Full-Super-Moonset 2016-Nov-14
US Open 2016 2016-Sep-2
Sunsets 2016-Aug-1
Jersey City Sky 2016-Jul-24
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, Hoboken 2016-Jul-24
Governors Island-The Hills 2016-Jul-19
Hudson Valley Renegades @ Brooklyn Cyclones 2016-Jul-10
Raquette Lake 216 2016-Jul-2
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway-Exchange Place 2016-Jun-26
Lumen 2016 (Staten Island) 2016-Jun-25
Bill Fink 90th Birthday 2016-Jun-25
Royals-Mets 2016-Jun-22
Sunsets 2010 2010-Nov-29
Governors Island 2016 2016-Jun-13
Moonset 2016 2016-Jun-11
Governors Island 2016 2016-Jun-2
White Sox – Mets 2016-Jun-1
Fleet Week 2016 2016-May-25
Dorothy Simon's Birthday 2016 2016-May-16
Hudson River Waterront Walkway- Bayonne 2016-May-15
High Bridge and GWB (Lauri & John) 2016-Apr-27
Pesarch 2016 – Phylise 2016-Apr-25
Passover 2016- Finks 2016-Apr-22
Marlins at Mets 2016-Apr-12
Jacob Hunter Epstein 2yo 2016-May-26
WTC Oculus opening day 2016-Mar-3
Lunar New Year with Research Library & Friends 2016-Feb-10
ASSA trip to SF, Jan 2016 2016-Jan-3
Liberty State Park 2015-Dec-25
Manhattan Holiday Windows 2015-Dec-21
Chanuka at the Epsteins' 2015-Dec-19
Baseball pictures 80s-90s 1995-Jan-1
Foggy Jersey City 2015-Nov-27
Thanksgiving 2015 with the Finks 2015-Nov-26
Jersey City 2015-Nov-4
The Jersey City Wave 2015-Oct-22
Governors Island 2015-Sep-24
Governors Island 2015-Sep-17
7 Train extension 2015-Sep-16
Rosh Hashanah with the Kahns 2015-Sep-14
Kyle Staver: Tall Tales 2015-Sep-9
Jenny's Birthday 2015 2015-Sep-6
George Washington and High Bridges 2015-Aug-13
Pre-Lollapuzzoola Party 2015 2015-Aug-7
Toby & Ira & Chall cousins 2015-Aug-6
Ruth Kahn's Birthday 2015-Aug-1
Padres-Mets 2015-Jul-30
Pep Boys Graffiti Harsimus Cove 2015-Jul-27
Dodgers-Mets, Greinke-DeGrom 2015-Jul-26
Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, my sister Janet, and a new selfie stick 2015-Jul-22
Aberdeen Ironbirds vs Brooklyn Cyclone 2015-Jul-13
Jillian,Jeff, Rosemary, Harry 2015-Jul-6
Raquette Lake 2015 2015-Jul-2
Reds-Mets 2015-Jun-28
Governors Island Rising Hills 2015-Jun-25
One World Observatory 2015-Jun-24
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway: Liberty State Park 2015-Jun-7
High Line with Lauri 2015-Jun-4
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway: Guttenberg etc 2015-May-17
Dorothy Simon's birthday at Van Dyk 2015-May-16
Whitney Museum & High Line 2015-May-2
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway: Bayonne 2015-Apr-26
Braves at Mets 2015-Apr-23
Jakey's first birthday 2015-Mar-29
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament XXVIII (2015) 2015-Mar-27
Alfred's birthday 2015 2015-Mar-14
FRBNY Library & friends 2015-Mar-11
Belated Chanuka 2015 2015-Jan-25
Epsteins 2014-Sep-26
Gary Krist on Empire of Sin 2015-Jan-22
UM-OSU game with the Bulloffs, 2014 2014-Nov-29
Thanksgiving @ Finks 2014-Nov-27
Chall Reunion 2014 (Las Vegas) 2014-Nov-3
Jillian's and Jeff's Wedding 2014-Oct-25
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway: Jersey City 2014-Oct-12
Circle Line Cruise (with Marg) 2014-Oct-6
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway: Weehawken 2014-Oct-5
Breaking the fast with Josh and Nicole 2014-Oct-4
Rosh Hashanah with Nicole & Josh 2014-Sep-26
Rosh Hashanah with Ruth Kahn 2014-Sep-25
High Line at the Rail Yards 2014-Sep-22
Westchester Crossword Tournament 2014 2014-Sep-20
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway: Hoboken 2014-Sep-14
SI Yankees-Cyclones 2014-Aug-26
Cubs- Mets 2014-Aug-18
High Line 2014-Aug-10
Lollapuzzoola 7-- 2014 2014-Aug-9
Pre-Lollapuzzoola party 2014-Aug-8
Ruth Kahn's Birthday 2014-Aug-2
Phils-Mets 2014-Jul-30
Mana Contemporary 2014-Jul-25
Peaks Island, Maine 2014-Jul-1
Hudson Valley Renegades @ Brooklyn Cyclones 2014-Jul-8
Joel's birthday 2014 2014-Jul-6
Governors Island 2014-Jul-5
Fireworks (July 4) 2014-Jul-4
Governors Island 2014-Jun-30
Random June 2014 around the area 2014-Jun-30
Hudson River Waterront Walkway- Newport 2014-Jun-29
Raquette Lake 2014 2014-Jun-26
Governors Island 2014-Jun-22
Father's Day with the Epsteins and Sapiros 2014-Jun-14
Hudson River Waterront Walkway- Edgewater North 2014-Jun-8
Governors Island D-Day 2014 2014-Jun-6
Governors Island 2014-Jun-1
From Governors Island 2014-Jun-1
High Line 2014-May-31
Governors Island 2014-May-30
Governors Island 2014-May-25
Dorothy Simon's Party 2014-May-17
Dr. Carolyn's Graduation Party 2014-May-10
Passover with the Finks 2014-Apr-18
Jacob Hunter Epstein's first photos 2014-Apr-15
Jacob Hunter Epstein's bris 2014-Mar-30
Carol Bove @ High Line 2014-Mar-22
Alfred Kahn birthday 2014 2014-Mar-15
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2014 2014-May-9
Jacob in utero 2013-May-19
Chanuka 2014-Jan-11
OSU-UM with the Bulloffs 2013 2013-Nov-30
Thanksgiving with the Finks 2013 2013-Nov-28
Jacob Epstein's Gender Reveal 2013-Nov-23
Liberty State Park Weeding 2013-Oct-19
Kyle Staver at Tibor de Nagy 2013-Oct-17
Westchester Crossword Tournament 2013 2013-Sep-27
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway: Liberty State Park 2013-Sep-8
Toby and Glenn: Wedding 2013-Aug-31
Toby-Glenn after wedding 2013-Sep-1
Cleveland Zoo 2013-Aug-31
Tigers-Mets 2013-Aug-24
Braves at Mets 2013-Aug-21
SummerStreets 2013-Aug-17
Angels-Yankees 2013-Aug-15
Lollapuzzoola 2013 2003-Aug-10
Connecticut Tigers @ Brooklyn Cyclones 2013-Aug-7
Governors Island 2013-Aug-4
Liberty State Park 2013-Aug-2
Governors Island 2013-Jul-27
Liberty State Park 2013-Jul-26
Braves at Mets 2013-Jul-25
Ruth Kahn's Birthday 2013-Jul-25
Phillies-Mets 2013-Jul-21
Liberty State Park 2013-Jul-16
Liberty National 2013-Jul-8
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway-Bayonne 2013-Jul-7
Raquette Lake 2013-Jul-4
King Mansion, Weehawken 2013-Jun-30
Hudson River Waterfront Walkway-North Bergen 2013-Jun-30
Chart House, Weehawken 2013-Jun-22
Bayonne 2013-Jun-20
Father's Day with Josh&Nicole 2013-Jun-16
Governors Island 2013-Jun-6
Liberty State Park 2013-Jun-12
random telephoto window 2013-Jun-11
Governors Island 2013-Jun-9
Marlins at Mets 2013-Jun-8
Governors Island 2013-Jun-2
Governors Island 2013-May-27
Reds-Mets 2013-May-22
Manhattan across the river 2013-May-1
Passover 2013 2013-Mar-30
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2013 2013-Mar-10
Andy and Carol summer 2000 2000-Jul-1
East Side Restaurant 2012 2012-Dec-28
Jersey City 2012-Dec-6
Kyle Staver: NecessaryArrangements: The Painting Center 2012-Nov-29
UM-OSU with the Bulloffs 2012-Nov-25
Congrats Ania,Toby, Glenn 2012-Nov-23
Thanksgiving @ Epsteins 2012-Nov-22
Liberty State Park 2012-Nov-16
Hoboken-Weehawken 2012-Nov-8
Liberty State Park 2012-Sep-29
Westchester Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2012-Sep-21
Rosh Hashanah 2012 with Ruth Kahn 2012-Sep-16
Governors Island 2012-Sep-16
Governors Island 2012-Sep-1
Jersey City, Newport, Hoboken 2012-Aug-28
Rockies @ Mets 2012-Aug-23
Marlins at Mets 2012-Aug-9
Jersey City on Hudson 2012-Aug-7
Before/After Josh/Nicole wedding 2012-Aug-5
Josh/Nicole wedding 2012-Aug-5
@Cohens before Josh/Nicole weding 2012-Aug-23
Ruth Kahn's Birthday (90) 2012-Jul-31
High Line and Hudson R 2012-Jul-24
Aberdeen Ironbirds vs Brooklyn Cyclones @Coney Is 2022-Jul-24
Governors Island 2012-Jul-22
Dodgers@Mets 2012-Jul-21
Governors Island 2012-Jul-14
Governors Island 2012-Jul-8
Raquette Lake 2012 0123-Jul-6
Governors Island 2012-Jun-30
Hudson River 2012-Jun-26
Governors Island 2012-Jun-23
Hudson River Birds 2012-Jun-7
Governors Island 2012-Jun-16
High Line 2012-Jun-14
Greenbrook Sanctuary 2012-Jun-11
Governors Island 2012-Jun-10
Maddy and Joey's Graduirthday Party 2012-Jun-9
Enterprise floatby 2012-Jun-6
Governors Island 2012-Jun-2
Hudson River 2012-May-30
Padres-Mets 2012-May-26
Janice Nowinski @ Bowery Gallery 2012-May-24
Fleet Week 2012 2012-May-23
Reds-Mets 2012-May-18
Janet's Birthday 2012-May-5
Passover-Finks 2012 2012-Apr-14
Angels-Yankees 2012-Apr-14
Pesach 2012-Phylise 2012-Apr-8
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2012 2012-Mar-18
Nicole & Josh 2012-Mar-4
Andy & Carol Christmas 2003 2003-Dec-25
Apartment Hunting 2012-Feb-17
Raquette Lake 1998 1998-Jul-1
Random, 1998 or earlier 1998-Jan-1
Saratoga 1997-Aug-1
Jenny's Birthday 1997 1997-Sep-2
Clifton Park 1997 1997-Jun-1
Phylise Party 2005 2005-Sep-1
NYC Cru (+Marg H) 2005 2005-Jun-1
Kyle—after opening 2012-Jun-23
Cru Dinner 03/15/2003?
NYC Cru 2008 06/01/2008?
NYC Cru 2005 6/1/2005?
NYC Cru 2004 6/1/2004?
NYC Cru 2002 6/1/2002?
Chelsea-AC Milan, 2005 (@Meadowlands) 6/1/2005?
Grove Pointe, vacant apartment 2008-Feb-1
Esther's 75th Birthday 2012-Jan-22
James goes to college, 2000 2000-Aug-1
Memorial Day 2004 2004-May-31
Mother's Day 2001 2001-May-18
Mother's Day 1999 1999-May-16
Memorial Day, Great Neck 1998 1998-May-31
Sanibel with Jack Bulloff 2001 2001-Mar-15
Sanibel with Jack Bulloff 2000 2000-Mar-15
Hanukkah 2012 2012-Jan-15
Econ Convention Jan 2012 2012-Jan-7
Ohio State Cocktail Party convention 2012 2012-Jan-6
Mabel 2001 2002-Mar-2
Mabel 2000 2000-Mar-1
Mabel 1999 1999-Mar-1
Mabel, Lunch at Guida's 1998 1998-Mar-1
Roz birthday 1998 1998-Sep-26
Father's Day 2001 2001-Jun-13
Xaviar's for Brunnch 2001 2001-May-1
Ruth Kahn's Birthay, Baltimore, 2007 2007-Jul-1
Ruth Kahn's Birthday, 2003 2003-Jul-1
Dorie-Len Wedding 2006 2006-Jul-1
Chall reunion Stephentown 2007 2007-May-1
Chall Reunion, Nevele, 2002 2002-Jul-1
Chall Reunion, Nevele, 1999 1999-Jul-1
Chall Reunion, Nevele, 1998 1998-Jul-1
Chall Reunion Lambertville PA, 2008 2008-Jul-1
Chall Reunion, Kohler WI, 2000 2000-Jul-1
Janet's birthday, 2007 2007-May-7
Josh leaves for Australia 2004 2004-Jul-1
Josh colleg graduation 1905-Jun-26
Jenny's Sweet Sixteen party 2004-Sep-2
Jenny's Eleventh birthday 1999-Sep-2
Jenny's Twelfth Birthday 2000-Sep-2
Jenny's Bat Mitzvah 2001-Sep-2
Ira and Toby 2004 2004-Jun-1
Ira and Toby 2007 2007-Jun-1
Ira, Toby, Lita 2004 2004-Jul-1
Judy & Mike Anniversary XXV 2004-Jul-1
Isaac Banner's Bar Mitzvah 2004-Sep-1
NY Fed Research Softball team 1998 1998-Jul-1
Baseballl Hall of Fame 2004 2004-Aug-1
Houston(?) at Mets 2004 2004-Aug-1
Julie and Rob at 52 2003-Jun-1
Arnishes New Years 2005 2005-Jan-1
Harry at 50 2001-Oct-26
Dan's Fiftieth Birthday 2002-Dec-23
Carolyn @ Pirates of Penzance 2003-Jul-1
Arnishes, New Year's 2002 2002-Jan-1
Lunch with Arnishes, Student Prince 2006 2006-Dec-1
Carolyn graduates High School 2005-Aug-1
Julie + Rob equals 100 2001-Jun-2
FAME conference 1999 Trinidad 1999-Jul-1
FAME conference 2007 Lake Como 2007-Jul-1
FAME conference 2005, Iceland 2005-Jul-1
FAME workshop 2002, London 2002-Jul-1
FAME conference, 2000 Jerusalem 2000-Nov-1
Central Park Gates (Christo) 2005-Jan-1
Economists' conference 2006 (Ohio State) 2006-Jan-2
Economists' conference 2004 (Ohio State) 2004-Jan-2
Passover with the Finks 2000 2000-Apr-1
Passover with the Finks 1999 1999-Apr-1
Passover 2001 2001-Apr-1
Passover 2006 2006-Apr-1
Passover 2005 2005-Apr-1
Passover 2004 2004-Apr-1
Passover 2003 2003-Apr-1
Passover 2002 2002-Apr-1
Andy & Carol Christmas 1999 1999-Feb-25
Thanksgiving 1999 1999-Nov-25
Thanksgiving 1998 1998-Nov-25
Thanksgiving 2007 2007-Nov-25
Thanksgiving 2006 2006-Nov-25
Thanksgiving 2005 2005-Nov-25
Thanksgiving 2004 2004-Nov-25
Thanksgibing 2003 2003-Nov-25
Thanksgiving 2002 2002-Nov-25
Thanksgiving 2001 2001-Nov-25
Thanksgiving 2000 2000-Nov-25
Raquette Lake 2001 2001-Jul-4
Raquette Lake 2002 2002-Jul-4
Raquette Lake 2003 2003-Jul-4
Raquette Lake 2004 2004-Jul-4
Raquette Lake 2005 2005-Jul-4
Raquette Lake 2007 2007-Jul-4
Raquette Lake 2008 2008-Jul-4
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2008 2008-Apr-1
Hanukkah 1998 1998-Dec-15
Hanukkah 2003 2003-Dec-15
Hanukkah 2002 2002-Dec-15
Hanukkah 2001 2001-Dec-15
Hanukkah 2000 2000-Dec-15
Hanukkah 2007 2007-Dec-15
Hanukkah 2004 2004-Dec-15
Hanukkah 1999 1999-Dec-15
NYC Crossword Friends 2002 2002-Jul-1
Hanukkah 2005 2005-Dec-15
OSU UM with the Bulloffs 2007 2007-Nov-25
OSU UM with the Bulloffs 2006 2006-Nov-25
OSU UM with the Bulloffs 2005 2005-Nov-25
OSU UM with the Bulloffs 2004 2004-Nov-25
PS 200 1959-Nov-1
Party for Bobbe 2000-May-10
Benjamin & Jason Lowe 1899-Dec-30
Ben Cohen's Bar Mitvah 2001-Apr-22
AEA Meetings 2001 2001-Jan-5
Arnishes 2001 2001-Dec-31
AEA Meetings San Diego2004 2004-Jan-3
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2001 2001-Apr-1
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2006 2006-Apr-1
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2003 2003-Apr-1
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2002 2002-Apr-1
Andy & Carol Chritstmas 1998 1998-Dec-25
Andy & Carol Chritstmas 2007 2007-Dec-25
Andy & Carol Chritstmas 2006 2006-Dec-25
Andy & Carol Chritstmas 2005 2005-Dec-25
Andy & Carol Chritstmas 2004 2004-Dec-25
Andy & Carol Chritstmas 2002 2002-Dec-25
Andy & Carol Chritstmas 2001 2001-Dec-25
Andy & Carol Chritstmas 2000 2000-Dec-25
Andrea & Aly party 2001 2001-Jul-22
East Side Restaurant 1899-Dec-30
Liberty Science Center 2011-Dec-15
Richard Glukstad visits Nicole and Alicia 2011-Dec-16
OSU-UM at the Bulloffs: 2011 2011-Nov-24
Thanksgiving 2011 2011-Nov-25
Hanukkah 2010 with the Kahns 2010-Dec-4
Dan's Birthday 2010 2010-Dec-23
Jersey City Waterfront 2011-Apr-29
Larry&Sally&Fred&Alice 2011-Oct-21
Chall reunion, St. Charles, IL 2011 2011-Sep-24
Governors Island 2011 2011-Jun-10
Raquette Lake 2011 2011-Jul-4
Transit Museum 2011-Sep-7
Malka and David wedding 2011-Aug-29
Janice and Kyle at Lohin Geduld 2011-Aug-11
Lollapuzzoola 4, 2011 2011-Aug-6
Brooklyn Cyclones 2011 2011-Aug-3
Taj Mahal at World Trade, 2011 2011-Jul-28
Janice and Kyle, Brunch. Then High Line 2011-Jul-10
Raquette Lake 2011 (more) 2011-Jul-6
Angels-Mets June 2011 2011-Jul-19
High Line 2011 2011-Jun-1
Giants-Mets 2011-May-5
Passover 2011 (Brooklyn, Saratoga) 2011-Apr-23
Roz and Jack, mid-1940s 1945-Mar-22
Hanukkah, 2010 (late) 2011-Jan-15
New Years at the Cohens' 2010-Dec-31
Arnish/Dykas/Chall Lunch, East Side Restaurant 2010-Dec-30
OSU-UM at the Bulloffs' 2010 2010-Nov-27
Thanksgiving 2010 (Finks) 2010-Nov-25
Cecilia and James marry 2010-Oct-17
Atlanta sightseeing 2010-Oct-10
Ralph and Kate Marry 2010-Oct-10
Governors Island 2010 2010-Oct-8
High Line 2010 2010-Oct-7
Great Falls, Oct 2010 2010-Oct-1
Harvest Moon 2010 2010-Sep-22
More reunion, St Charles, 2010 2010-Aug-28
Lollapuzzoola 3 2010-Aug-14
Kyle & Janice & artists 2010-Jul-22
Raquette Lake 2010 2010-Jul-7
Deb Amlen book opening: It's Not PMS: It's You 2010-Jun-19
Jenny graduation 2010-Jun-12
Marlins at Mets 2010-Jun-6
Red Bulls June 2010 2010-Jun-2
Mets-Nationals 2010-May-12
Janni's Birthday 2010-May-8
Boston and Crossword Tournament 2010-Apr-10
Passover 2010 Finks 2010-Apr-4
Passover 2010 Phylise, Saratoga 2010-Mar-29
Lunar New Year with Research Library & Friends 2010-Feb-24
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2010 2010-Feb-20
Kyle Staver at Lohin Geduld 2010 2010-Feb-18
Party with Ira and Toby Cohen 2010-Jan-10
Economist convention, OSU party, 2010 2010-Jan-3
Arnish/Dykas/Chall Lunch, Student Prince Restaurant 2009-Dec-30
Andy&Carol Christmas 2009 2009-Dec-25
Thanksgiving 2009 Finks 2009-Nov-26
OSU-UM party, Bulloffs 2009-Nov-22
Rosalie Banner's Bat Mitzvah 2009-Oct-17
Art Deco tour, Manhattan 2009-Oct-11
High Line, 2009 2009-Sep-7
SI Yankees with Research Support, NY Fed 2009-Sep-3
Rockies-Mets 2009 2009-Jul-30
Lenore's birthday 2009 2009-Jul-12
Chall reunion Cleveland 2009 2009-Jul-11
Raquette Lake 2009 2009-Jul-10
Cruise with Research Support, NY Fed 2009 2009-Jul-2
Josh graduates law school 2009-Jul-7
JC Waterfront 2009 2022-May-31
WEDGE conference,Federal Reserve (KC) 2009-May-8
Passover 2009 2009-Apr-10
Boston and Crossword Tournament 2009 2009-Apr-5
Orrin's Birthday 2009-Mar-14
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament 2009 2009-Mar-1
Janice at Bowery Gallery 2009 2009-Jan-29
Economist convention, OSU party, 2009 2009-Jan-3
Hanukkah 2008 Dan's apartment 2008-Dec-28
Andy&Carol Christmas 2008 2008-Dec-25
Thanksgiving 2008 2008-Nov-27
OSU-UM 2008 with the Bulloffs 2008-Nov-23
Fireworks (July 4) Jersey City 2008-Jul-4
Yankees with Kahns 2008 2008-Jul-2
Baseball pictures 80s-90s 1990-Mar-15
Ben Kahn's Bar Mitzvah 2007-Jun-22
Raquette Lake 2006 2006-Jul-4
Central Park Gates (Christo) 2005-Feb-27
My window (enhanced) 2016-Jun-8
Family get-togethers 1983-2012
Ohio State Economics 1976-1980 mostly
Young Jenny 20th Century mostly
Young Joshua 20th Century mostly
Arnish, Weiner, Wishart, Norton 1990ish
Immediate family portraits 20th Century mostly
group shots (mostly Chall-side) decades ago
Finks(old scans) decades ago
Young Banners 1995 or so??
Antediluvian Banners and Friends 1993 or so??
Ohio State 1976 or so??
Netters etc 1986 and others